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About Us...

Like you, we at Simutec are motorsport enthusiasts. We take our experience and knowledge from real world motorsport and transition them to the virtual world of simulation, bringing to you premium quality products and professional race engineering solutions to compliment your sim racing.

More About Us

From the Start...

Simutec was founded in early 2012 by Motorsport Performance Engineer, Calum McGregor.

Calum began racing himself at the age of 11, however after 13 years of competing in various race series he took the decision to swap his helmet for a laptop and gloves for a stopwatch. Now an engineer in the industry that he fell in love with, he went off travelling Europe, working with drivers of many talents, ages and a range of different race series as a driver and data engineer.

Never losing the love for the sport, Calum combined his software driven mind together with his practical and mechanical skills and decided to establish a professional simulation studio for the motorsport industry and enthusiasts use to practice and develop as drivers.

Simutec later went on to design and develop new components and better improve products which were assembled onto its professional studio based simulation equipment, used by real world racing.

In 2022 Simutec made a business changing decision, closing the Milton Keynes based studio and began full focus and commitment on the development of premium grade simulation hardware for the sim racing community.

With the extensive engineering knowledge at Simutec, only the best engineered products, components and materials are utilised, bringing to you motorsport quality equipment to your home simulator setup.


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