Livery Competition

The new Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2020 car is out and wow is it great!

We would like to invite you all to take part in our livery design competition.

The competition will take place over the next couple of weeks, with two designs chosen by motorsport designers Tim Holmes and Brandon Seaber. Simutec will then select one of the two designs as the winner of the competition.

The winning designer will have their livery created in a full 3D livery which will be usable and downloadable for the Formula Hybrid 2020 car in Assetto Corsa. If that's not enough, the livery will also be applied to the simulator itself in the studio and the winner given the opportunity to come to the studio for a 1 hour practice session with our team.

To enter, download the images below, get creative and then email them to us at:

If you are savvy with Photoshop and can work with complex templates, the 2D and 3D templates are available for download here.

Stay safe, have fun, good luck!

*all logos are subject to copyright and should be used solely for the purpose of this livery design competition.