Data Engineering Suite

During live sessions our data suite can stream live telemetry straight from the studio. The live data is initially  used by our engineers to monitor the immediate performance of the driver, i.e. peak brake pressure, zero brake riding and 100% throttle achieved. Throughout the active session we dive into the data further, monitoring things such as tyre temperatures, engine temperatures, fuel levels...


PTT two way Comms

Installed in the studio is a direct audio communication system between engineer and driver. With the push of a button, we can provide instant feedback to the driver - perhaps to give instructions to have a cool down lap, and then go again. The driver can also initiate the communication by pressing and holding the PTT (push to talk) button on the wheel, the audio channel is opened.

Data Analysis

Post session data is processed and then analysed in detail using the Motec i2 Analysis suite - which is our standard application, however the files can be converted to other formats.

We make a driver portal for all our customers. Here is where we can upload and store session info and data, giving the driver and engineers access online, anywhere in the world and at anytime, 


Circuit Tuition

We provide in house driver tuition to assist with the learning of new circuits. Our driver coaches all have a large portfolio of circuit knowledge and before the a session at a circuit, they would have themselves spent an hour on the simulator.

Can I bring my own Driver Coach / Engineer?

Your Driver Coach and Engineering Team are always welcome at Simutec. If you already have a strong relationship with your coach / engineer, we recommend for them to come along.

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