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The new generation of Sim Data Display Units...

Introducing the new SDU-2  - Designed by motorsport engineers for racing drivers. The new brand new Simutec SDU-2, sim data display unit.


With a 4.3" LCD display and 18 fully addressable RGB LED's our display enables you to fully take your sim racing to the next level! Providing you with a professional DDU interface, recommended by real world racing drivers.

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£395.00 (+ VAT)

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18 fully addressable RGB LED's

Polycarbonate glass

USBD480 4.3" Display

18 fully customisable LEDs span the whole device, with 3 vertically down either side - perfect for yellow / blue flags and 12 across the top which are in the prime position for shift lights.

Carefully assembled into the SDU front body is 18 purpose selected light pipes, these to ensure antiglare and clarity of brightness and colour from the LEDs.

A polycarbonate glass to protect display whilst adding nice aesthetics.

Featuring the purpose designed professional USBD480 display from LCDInfo.


Simutec® SDU Control Board PCB

We have designed and integrated our very own PCB to ensure the very best functionality, robustness and packaging.

Single High Speed USB

Our device has been designed to run on a single High Speed USB cable, therefore freeing your PC ports and decluttering your cables.


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What do we do at Simutec?

Simutec Technologies provide professional grade simulation equipment and services to the motorsport industry. Located centrally in the UK, our Milton Keynes studio is less than 30 minutes from Silverstone. With both the M1 motorway and the West Coast Main Line being just a stones throw away, our facilities are easily accessible by road or rail.

Our modern, private studio offers state of the art equipment, equipment that can be used by both, racing and sim drivers to hone their skills, improve circuit knowledge and develop themselves further as racing drivers. read more

The facilities host a private single seater simulator studio which boasts a 5m curved wall, 5.1 digital audio and driver to engineer comms. Adjoined with the studio, we have a designated viewing area and data analysis suite for engineers and driver coaches.

At Simutec all drivers are treated individually and as professionals of the sport, with each simulator session being tailored to meet the requirements of the brief, be it; circuit tuition, data coaching or team relationship building. Using our knowledge of; engineering, the sport itself and our ability to understand and work with drivers, we provide a professional personable experience.