Please note: these pedals are not mass-produced, current lead time is approximately 3-8 weeks.  The lead times are only estimates.  With the introduction of the JBV's HPP have been deluged with orders and are doing their best to turn these around as quickly as possible!


The JBV pedal sets come standard with everything you see in the pictures including 3 bumpers (40,60,80). The throttle has a light spring and the clutch has a heavy spring.


The JBV system sets the standard for world class sim racing pedals.  The JBV’s are very modular and can be used in slanted, forward, vertical, and GT mounting.  The JBV’s are our 4th generation design and have numerous design attributes that provide the ultimate feel and performance, designed specifically for sim racing.  HPP is the only sim pedal system using sim specific hydraulics, in which many years went into the design.  These are full hydraulic, not load cell with a simple hydraulic damper. 

• The hydraulic brake system is designed specifically for Sim racing.  The master cylinder is an inline design providing smooth operation.  The slave cylinder is attached directly to the master cylinder avoiding any lines and tubes. Numerous design attributes have been tested, improved, tweeked and enhanced to provide the ultimate in Sim racing realism and feel.  HPP uses a extreemly high quality pressure transducer, made in the USA, with incredible accuracy, repeatability and durability.  The pressure transducer is rated for a 50 million life cycle.  The feel and pressure profile of the brake pedal is adjusted via custom molded polyurethane bushings available in 5 different harnesses.  In addition, the user can fine tune their preference by adjusting the pre-load on the bumpers. The preload can be easily adjusted since the bumpers are facing the driver.  The braking threshold and modulation feedback provided to the user via our hydraulic system is outstanding. 


• The throttle pedal incorporates a true linear potentiometer unlike the common rotary potentiometer or slide potentiometers found on a lot of pedal systems. This provides true positional linearity relative to pedal movement. The end result is a super smooth and accurate throttle pedal movement. The throttle pedal travel is also adjustable.


Each pedal unit is modular and simply plugs into the brake pedal’s circuit board.


Item Number: HPP-2P-JBV

HPP Simulation - 2P-JBV

  • 2 Years

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