Since 2008 Trak Racer have been focussed on designing and manufacturing the best gear in sim racing in terms of features, design, value for money and quality.


Trak Racer’s TR160 has infinite adjustment and the most expandable and rigid components in the business. The strength of the TR160 will ensure no flex is experienced and no loss of force feedback, even with the strongest servos on the market.


The TR160 has been designed with experience gained since Trak Racer started in 2008. The base structure is a 160 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black. Your choice of wheel mount will be supported by 120 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, also anodized in black. Special anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR160 is Direct Drive & Belt Drive Wheel Ready, Pre-drilled for all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market, comes with your option of 2 Stiffened Wheel Mounts for No-Flex Racing, has several add-on options including an Optional Integrated Monitor Stand (for 1-4 Monitors) and Button Box Mount. Designed and Engineered in Australia.



Fully Adjustable Direct Fit Wheel Mount

The Front-Mount steering wheel bracket is fully adjustable (back/forth and up/down angle) and is made out of 15mm thick Laser Cut Carbon Steel. This bracket is compatible with SimExperience, Lenze, Mige, OSW, Fanatec, SimuCube and more.


Steel Side Seat Brackets

Simple mounting with a heap of positions and suitable for most side mount fibreglass seats.


Seat Slider Rails

With dual-locking mechanism and adjustment bar.


Adjustable Two-way Pedal Mount

The TR160 Pedal Mount can be mounted to sit above or below the 160mm high aluminium chassis and pre-drilled for all major brand pedals. The clever design mounts inside the chassis for ground-level height or outside the chassis for above chassis height.


Adjustable Shifter Mount

Pre-drilled for all the major brands, the included shifter mount mounts on left or right.


Flex-Free and Premium Aluminium Chassis

The TR160’s main chassis is 160mm x 40mm profile with 4 T-Slots.


Fibreglass GT Style Race Seat (OPTIONAL)

Trak Racer have developed a racing simulator seat with extra padding to the same fit and specifications as a real GT style race seat.


Level your Rig and Protect your Floors

The included rubber levelling and hard wood floor protecting rubber feet are adjustable to provide a stable floor surface


Perfectly Proportioned Chassis

The TR160 Chassis has been designed to suit all driver heights and most seats and peripherals on the market. Ready to be customised and expanded by you.


Compatible with:



Fanatec Range

  • CSW/CSW v2.5 Wheel Base (without mounting adapter)
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • ClubSport Wheel Base / v2.5
  • Forza Motorsport CSR
  • Porsche 911 GT2 / v.2

Thrustmaster Range

  • T80 / T100 / T150 / TMX
  • T300 / TX
  • T500
  • TS-PC / TS-XW / T-GT


  • G25 / 27 / 29 / 920

Direct Drive Range

  • Simucube / v2
  • AcceForce / v2
  • Fanatec DD1


Fanatec Range

  • CSL Elite Pedals / LC
  • Club Sport v1 / v2 / v3

Thrustmaster Range

  • 2-pedals (all)
  • T3PA / GT Ed / T3PGT
  • T3PA PRO add-on / T500

Heusinkveld Range

  • Heusinkveld PRO
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate
  • Heusinkveld Sprint

HPP Range

  • PRX 3P
  • Logitech
  • G Sport


Fanatec Range

  • ClubSport Shifter / SQ

Thrustmaster Range

  • TH8A / RS
  • TSS / TSS+

Logitech Range

  • G25 / 27 / 29 / 920 Shifter


  • DSD SQ Shifter
  • DSD Hydraulic Handbrake
  • Prosim Handbrake Digital
  • Prosim Handbrake RX Analog
  • Prosim Sequential Shifter
  • Prosim PSL Sequential Shifter
  • Heusinkveld SQ Shifter
  • Heusinkveld Handbrake
  • RealGear RALLYpro Handbrake


Item Number: TR1602-BLK-DDM

TR8020 Black TR160 MACH 2 160mm x 40mm Aluminium Cockpit with Direct Front Wheel

  • 5 Years

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