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GT Wheel

The Simutec GT Standard Sim Racing Steering Wheel - the perfect choice for those seeking to craft their own personalized steering experience.


This D-shaped steering wheel, identical to the one used in our acclaimed GT-1X model, offers compatibility not only with our own button plate but also with various other options. Boasting a diameter of 320mm and a luxurious suede leather finish, it exudes elegance and quality. Stand out from the crowd with its distinctive design, featuring diamond-style stitching in silver grey and an eye-catching gold leather position indicator positioned on top of the wheel.


Built with durability in mind, this steering wheel is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of use with direct drive wheel bases. Its 6-bolt pattern, featuring a 70mm PCD, ensures a secure and stable connection. Additionally, the gold position indicator on the top of the wheel enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Craft your ideal sim racing setup with the Simutec GT Standard Sim Racing Steering Wheel - a combination of exceptional design, compatibility, and reliability.

GT Wheel

SKU: 13331075
    • 320mm Suede Alcantara Wheel
    • 6 Hole Pattern 70mm PCD
    • Gold Position Indicator (top of wheel)
    • Silver Grey Diamond Stitching
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