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SDU-3 - 5" Display

Designed by motorsport engineers for racing drivers. Engineered from quality motorsport grade materials. Complimented with premium components.


The SDU3 is our brand new DDU purpose-built and tailored for the simulation industry. Featuring the same quality materials that you would find in real world motorsport applications; the SDU3 is the perfect complement for any simulator rig.


Our brand new DDU features a striking design housing 28 fully addressable RGB LEDs and a 5" VoCore LCD display. The LEDs are seperated into two unique groups, one referenced to as the "MAIN LEDs" - these are recommended to be used as RPM LEDs, flag LEDs, warnings etc. and then we have the lower ears which house the "AUX LEDs" - these are perfect for signalling that a driver is alongside or perhaps your indicators are on.


Recognised and supported as a default device by SimHub, you can simply plug and play! Install your device drivers, select your preferred dash layout and LED configurations, and you’re ready to go!


Only high-end, premium materials and components are used in the construction of our device. The SDU3 body starts its life as a piece of 6061 billet aluminium, with no cheap injection moulded plastics or 3D printed materials being used.


The beautiful body is CNC machined to the precision of 0.01mm and finished with a sleek, black anodized surface, providing you with a premium feel and finish. The rear enclosure plate is machined to mate perfectly into the body. We have designed the device to remain robustly mounted and fixed securely on your rig, be it static or motion.


To ensure universal mounting possibilities, all our DDU's come with a universal bracket as standard, allowing you to mount it to pretty much any of today’s force feedback motors, however, we do offer alternative mounting solutions with the MB-1 modular mount - allowing you to mount to almost any sim rig / screen position layout.


We pride ourselves on our electronics, the SDU3 features a bespoke PCB (designed by Simutec).  Connection to the device takes place via a well-positioned USB C port, allowing you to run the device effortlessly on a single, high-speed USB cable.


We believe in delivering beautiful, premium quality products which are designed to a motorsport standard by motorsport engineers, to be enjoyed by you, the racing drivers.

SDU-3 - 5" Display

SKU: 13178965
    • - 5" LCD Touch Screen Display

      - 28 Fully Addressable RGB LED's (MAIN and AUX)

      - Up to 30 FPS

      - Single High Speed USB C Cable

      - Billet Aluminium Body (anodised black finish)

      - Polycarbonate Glass

      - Universal Bracket (custom options available)

      • SC1/VRS/OSW
      • Simucube 2
      • Fanatec CSL/CSW
      • Fanatec DD1/DD2
      • Accuforce V1/V2
      • Simagic Alpha

      - Multiple Software Compatibility

      • SimHub (fully supported)
      • JRT
      • Z1 Software
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